Tips & Tricks are a series of thought-provoking recommendations for collaboration, innovation and action.

Use our Tips & Tricks as a discussion-starter and creative tool to help you reflect on your work and explore new perspectives and possibilities. We’ve been co-designing Tips & Tricks resources since 2014, when we worked with academics and community activists to explore how they could better understand each other’s ways of working.

Current KWMC ‘Tips & Tricks’ resources include:
  • Tips & Tricks from Community Activists
  • Tips & Tricks for Academics Working with Communities
  • Tips & Tricks for Artists and Communities Working Together
  • Tips & Tricks for Living Labs (a collaboration with the European Network of Living Labs)
  • Tips & Tricks for Building a Sustainable Living Lab (a collaboration with iSCAPE and the European Network of Living Labs)

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    Each Tips & Tricks resource pack includes 20 cards: each card displays a short statement and a colourful illustration, with advice ranging from being ‘dogged but not inflexible’ to remembering that experts should be ‘on tap, not on top’.

    Whether you use them as a workplace resource, a discussion-starter or a reflection tool, we hope these Tips & Tricks inspire you to start new conversations and see the ‘everyday’ with fresh eyes.